Emergence Magazine Vol. 4 (Pre-Order)

Just as the Earth’s ancient patterns and pathways are undergoing seismic shifts, so too are our cultural landscapes—histories are being uncovered, outdated myths discarded, and new stories brought to light. What do we need to orient ourselves when the world we have known is coming undone and new configurations are still taking shape? Our fourth volume, Shifting Landscapes, is woven from this liminal space. Within you’ll find stories of changing rivers and migrating forests, blurred boundaries between human and animal, geological landscapes…

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More Than Human 

More-than-Human brings together texts by writers across a wide array of disciplines that serve to reflect on the state of post-anthropocentric thinking today. Focusing on the ecologies and technologies of climate injustice and inequalities, as well as the destructive structures lurking within anthropocentrism, 'More-than-Human' proposes complex entanglements, frictions, and reparative attention across species and beings. With contributions by Rosi Braidotti, NASA History Department, Timothy Mitchell, Reza Negarastani,Filipa Ramos, and many more…

Sociotype Journal – Issue 1 Gesture

Sociotype Journal is a new platform for thoughts on culture and society, that also happens to be a type specimen. Issue #1 is typeset in our very own serif superfamily, Gestura. Appropriately enough, our theme is “The Gesture”. When words fail, our hands do the talking. Issue 1 investigates raised fists, flicked Vs and power grips, VR mitts and cable knits with NASA, secret signs of the illuminati, street gangs and flight attendants, sign language poetry, greasy fingers, strap hangers, and discover the meaning of the word “thist”. Issue…

The Posthumanist – Sleep or Schlaf

The Posthumanist is a bi-annual English and German print magazine featuring art, design, technology and writing. Each issue presents one theme from more-than-human perspectives, inviting readers to imagine what living together on planet Earth could be. The Posthumanist magazine was founded by Anna Nagele in 2022. The idea for the publication emerged from a desire to discuss concepts and expressions of critical posthumanism and feminist new materialism in public contexts and to explore what sustainable, inclusive futures could feel like. The…

The Yes Of The No

Beginning with a meditation on the affirmative potential of no alongside the dissident capacity of yes-saying as a species of refusal. The Yes of the No advocates different models of daily practice through which to perform everyday life – the as is – in the subjunctive key of what if or even what might be. Existing in the space between imaginative proposition and a call to action, The Yes of the No is an assemblage of provocations, proposals and potential ways of operating – ranging from navigating the city and inhabiting the margins to…