More Than Human 

More-than-Human brings together texts by writers across a wide array of disciplines that serve to reflect on the state of post-anthropocentric thinking today. Focusing on the ecologies and technologies of climate injustice and inequalities, as well as the destructive structures lurking within anthropocentrism, 'More-than-Human' proposes complex entanglements, frictions, and reparative attention across species and beings. With contributions by Rosi Braidotti, NASA History Department, Timothy Mitchell, Reza Negarastani,Filipa Ramos, and many more…

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Emergence Vol 3 – Living with the Unknown

After more than two years of instability triggered by the pandemic, apocalyptic visions are becoming a lived reality, as the effects of climate breakdown rapidly increase and failing societal and economic structures reveal the fragility of our modern industrial way of life. Cracks in the system are becoming chasms. So much has been revealed, both the light and the dark, that we have no true sense of what has been set into motion. What does living in an unfolding apocalyptic reality look like? The stories in Volume 3: Living with the Unknown explore…

Dear Nature

Frustrated by our dysfunctional relationship with the earth, artist John Newling spent 81 days writing letters to Nature. Written with the sentiment of letters to a loved one, the artist’s correspondence takes you on a journey through the history of agriculture, religion and economics, exploring the values that have underpinned human endeavour and shaped our world. Newling’s letters are composed of humble apologies, observations, questions, and proposals. Written with humour and deference, honesty and hope, Dear Nature reveals a philosophy…

A Magazine Curated By Maison Martin Margiela (2004)

Reviving a lost classic, A Magazine presents a limited-edition reprint of A Magazine Curated By Maison Martin Margiela (2004),nearly two decades after its original release. The 2021 replica features original content preserved from cover to cover, with matching paper stock and cover treatments. Each new issue contains 1 of 6 unsigned archive prints of photography by Mark Borthwick, Anders Edström, Marina Faust, Jonathan Hallam, Paul Helbers & Ola Rindal, or Inge Grognard & Ronald Stoops. A charitable donation to Sea Watch and RIACE…